About two weeks ago I promised to write a response to the efficacy of your personalized hypnosis recording. I’ve always believed in the mind-body connection, and have benefitted from hypnotherapy in the past, but not for sports performance. Your program worked exceptionally well, and I can pinpoint a few areas where I noticed a mental and/ or physical difference in performance...(cont. below)

Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Sharon Jalene works with professional and amateur athletes of all genres and ages. In hypnosis, a heightened state of awareness can be used to improve skills, heighten focus, improve and sustain energy levels and overcome limiting beliefs. Healing from a sports-related injury, cutting weight and competition/season preparedness can also be addressed.

Research from Jalene and Gabriele Wulf, PhD, at UNLV in 2011 showed that a 10 minute session statistically improved throwing accuracy.

Jalene specializes in Mixed Martial Arts sports performance. The service is completely confidential. Many prominent UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator athletes regularly use Jalene's methods of mental training with outstanding results.

"For many years now the Olympic teams and Pro athletes have been using the tool of hypnosis to gain the mental edge on their opponents. Tiger Woods for golf, Wayne Gretzky for hockey and athletes from all domains are using hypnotherapy for the mental aspect of the game. It has been said competition at any competitive level is 80% mental and hypnosis is the key to mental success."
Chris Geier - HMI

"The result stood out like a sore ankle. Those who were hypnotized healed faster than those who were not. Six weeks after the fracture, those in the hypnosis group showed the equivalent of eight and a half weeks of healing."
Harvard News Online

Sports Performance

"Research shows that it may be possible to improve sports performance and even speed up healing by using specific mental skills and techniques including imagery and self-hypnosis."

Hypnosis and Sports Injuries

Harness your own healing potential in hypnosis.  Your body knows how to heal. During your session, learn how to assist your natural healing abilities.



Testimonial, continued:

My initial thought became to attack, not to hesitate.  Urgency was instilled, but with control.  Prior to hypnosis, while playing, my hesitations were not out of fear. They were over calculations that took too much time.  The hypnosis allowed me to get back relying on muscle memory and instincts.

-          I no longer considered my injured knee as a limiting factor.  I simply warmed up longer before games and stayed warm during half-time.  Within a few weeks the knee became a non-issue.  The knee was no longer associated with my capabilities.

-          Feeling 75% mentally and physically was converted to 100%.  I was always probably able to run just as much, but I wasn’t previously turning on the additional 25% and playing to exhaustion.  When I do play to exhaustion, I have more stamina than anyone else on the field.

-          I started to love lacrosse again.  As per the above comments about Lamar, I was beginning to look at lacrosse games on the calendar as an event…but more of a chore or task.  Now I look at game schedules and am happy I get some “me time”, and I make the most of it.

-          Taking a week off doesn’t hurt. I noticed I was pushing too hard during the week at times. I was also playing two games a week.  A perfectly placed off week of no exercise, and only one game has added to my stress relief.  The feeling is like the release of a pressure valve. Now I have plenty of athletic “capacity” to take me through the remainder of the season.

-          Since it’s all cyclical, I generally feel great.  Lacrosse isn’t my life, and I realized that depression over sport was finding its way into life in general.  That’s gone now.

-          I walk again with confidence.  Physically, walking with confidence means great posture.

-          There is one negative.  In the time since hypnosis, I have broken two sticks at $80 each.  That’s bad for my wallet, but is a good indication of how hard I am playing.  When I am playing well, I’m more involved, meaning more chance for breaking sticks.