After a good deal of searching, I located Sharon Jalene here in Las Vegas. I phoned Sharon, made an appointment to see her, I attended her therapy and I quit smoking again. Just like the first time, it was really easy, no pain. It was obvious from the outset, that Sharon was every bit as skilled as the first person that I went to. She is quite serious about her work, is very detailed oriented in her preparation and follow up and is an absolute joy to be around. It was a wonderful experience.
T. Strasser

Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking

If you are considering hypnosis as a means to quit smoking, consider the fact that the cost of a few hypnotherapy sessions will be a fraction of the cost of a lifetime of smoking.

You are worth it.

You deserve to be free.

You deserve to live.

Breaking this habit is not complicated.  It is a simple habit combined with a chemical component. You simply do not need cigarette smoke to live. You need oxygen.  Therefor, your body will happily return to its natural state.  You are naturally a non smoker.  Trust me, no one was born with a little Marlboro hanging out of their mouth. We would have heard.

There are little habits to be addressed and that can be done prior to the day you quit poisoning your body. You will feel so relieved to finally be done with this destructive habit.

Effective and Natural

Jalene's proven three session package is designed to ease the concerns and discomforts of quitting while laying the foundation for you to remain forever smoke free.

With the proven technique of Hypnotherapy, you can stop smoking without weight gain, extreme withdrawals, or picking up a brand new addiction. Hypnosis for smoking cessation is so effective the government allows you to use the expense as a tax credit.

To claim the credit, complete Form 8885, Health Coverage Tax Credit.