Over the past 2 years I have gotten divorced, moved, changed jobs, mourned the loss of a friend and dealt with weight fluctuations. Before finding hypnotherapy, I used exercise to deal with my stress, which has been great but it wasn't enough. Sharon's hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to understand that change brings about greater opportunities. By reflecting inwardly I have found a greater sense of peace and a stronger sense of self. I have improved my relationships with friends and family...I would recommend her to everyone who is in search of a better life.

About Sharon Jalene

Sharon JaleneSharon is an ACHE Board Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Sports Performance, Behavior Modification, and HypnoMeditation.

As a yoga instructor, Jalene specializes in the unique concerns facing individuals and athletes of all ages.

Sharon has found an elegant, effective manner of combining the mental practice and discipline of physical art forms and athletics with Hypnotherapy and HypnoMeditation.

Jalene is also the co founder of Yogis Unite, a non-profit organization that unifies practitioners of yoga and other physical art forms in the spirit of service.

Sharon is a Graduate student and Instructor at UNLV, studying & researching Kinesiology & Biology to supplement her mind-body knowledge base.

Sharon is also a professional musician with 18 years of experience spanning classic rock, R&B, and Top 40 as a keyboardist, lead vocalist, and solo performer in the Western US and 17 foreign countries.



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